Arjun Sambamoorthy



Arjun is an experienced Software Developer working at Netskope primarily focusing on content inspection technologies like Data Loss Prevention and Deep API Inspection. His area of interest also includes scaling the content inspection solution and making it available across Netskope's global data centers. Before Netskope, he has worked with Juniper Networks on Unified Threat Management technologies and with Sipera Systems as a VoiP security researcher. He has 4 patents in the security domain and has presented his research findings in security conferences like, DEFCON and ToorCon.


Safeguarding Digital Assets in a Cloudy World with DLP Strategies

11:15am – 12:00pm, Friday October 27

The explosion of cloud applications has enabled new levels of productivity, resulting in strategic advantages for enterprises as business data is increasingly uploaded into the cloud. However, this data is under constant threat with billions of user credentials compromised in recent data breaches and aggressive ransomware attacks, along with both malicious and innocent insiders exposing confidential corporate and personal customer data. Compliance regimens like EU’s GDPR require data controllers to protect sensitive data in the cloud with steep penalties for non-compliance. Join us in this session as we discuss the following fundamental concepts of cloud security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategies: extracting content and metadata from 100’s of different file types and formats; handling rich media content like images as organizations digitize their assets; examples of data classification rules for classifying sensitive data like PII, PHI, PCI; and incident management with remediation workflows.