Mike Gough

Advisory KPMG


Mike has over 30 years of leadership in business process optimization, sourcing, and strategy. Currently, he focuses on providing digital labor and outsourcing direction to KPMG Management Consulting clients. As a part of the digital labor strategic task force, he provides intellectual property and direction around financial aspects of digital labor including opportunity analysis and business case development.
Mike is the co-author of Capitalizing on robotics: Driving savings with digital labor, a white paper based on his experiences helping clients assess the expected financial impact of digital labor. The white paper evaluates the unique savings drivers of the 3 types of digital labor as well as the overall savings drivers associated with digital labor. In addition, he brings his experience as a Financial Architect to develop future state scenario models, financial analysis of business practices, and examination of deal structures for large scale ITO, BPO, and shared services opportunities.
Previously, he was at EDS, Compaq and EquaTerra where he led client IT and other corporate function leadership teams through operational and financial assessments of current operations, analysis of cost drivers, and development of cost reduction strategies.


Capitalizing on Robotics: Driving savings with digital labor
9:00am – 10:00am, Thursday October 26

This keynote session will suggest some answers to the financial puzzle by identifying and exploring considerations that are common to all digital labor projects, as well as those that are more specific to each of the three classes of digital labor: basic RPA, enhanced process automation, and cognitive automation.

For most organizations, it is no longer a question of if, but more about when, where, and how fast they can apply digital labor as a differentiator. Answers to those questions often rely on understanding the financial investments required and setting expectations on the timing and magnitude of the associated returns.
This session is critical for those interested in understanding what enterprises, government agencies, BPOs and shared service centers are thinking as it relates to automating manual and repeatable tasks with the focus on moving to a digital labor force. The benefits of moving to digital are significant, this session will address the different classes of going digital and the financial impacts of the various classes and strategies.

Learn more about the digital labor journey, download Mike Gough's White Paper.