Claudio Chaves Jr.

Director of Product Development, TransformIT by iCapt inc.


Claudio is an experienced technology professional focused on information and content management technologies with several successful project implementations in different industries. He has been working with pre-sales, product management, and software development over the past 20 years, acting in distinct roles, such as, system integrator, software provider and BPO. Claudio has implemented advanced capture components from major ECM and Data Capture players in large BPO operations, providing automation in different processes, such as accounts opening, cars loan, mortgage, accounts payables, etc. Over the last four years, he has been studying, designing and developing applications and services, involving areas such as Mobile Capture, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing, OCR, Real Time Recognition, BLE, RFID and Beacons. Claudio earned his MBA in Project Management and BA in Data Processing. In the ECM and data capture arena, he has also earned certifications such as AIIM ECM Master and CompTIA CDIA+.


Microservices: A BPO’s Secret to Innovation and Lowering Costs with ABBYY FineReader Engine (FRE)​

10:30am – 11:15am, Friday October 27

Today’s BPOs are challenged to deliver and build hybrid solutions, integrated with customer's existing backend systems. While BPOs are demanded to produce more context from unstructured data than ever before, their customers still expect real-time responses and on-demand service. However, BPOs also need to keep their operational costs low. To stay agile, innovative, and price competitive, BPOs are considering reusing their own existing technologies and solutions as adopting reusable components as one of the key components to success. This is accomplished by implementing microservices, which allows BPOs to connect its services within different contexts and systems. These powerful and untapped components will help BPOs to implement and deliver solutions faster with lower costs. This presentation will cover implementing FRE as the core component to build specialized microservices for BPO operations.