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3+ attendees $590.00 *15% off

Pre-conference FlexiCapture Recertification Training on October 25:
Additional $250 per attendee
This one day course will cover new features and capabilities of FlexiCapture 12 and will conclude with an exam (for those attendees holding an existing FlexiCapture Certification), the successful completion of which will update the attendee’s certification to FlexiCapture 12.
Those without FlexiCapture Certification are welcome to attend the training, but bear in mind that the material presented will assume a certain degree of technical familiarity with FlexiCapture and will not cover pre-FlexiCapture 12 functionality.

Pre-conference Channel Sales Summit on October 25:
No additional charge
Exclusively for Owners, Principals, Sales and Marketing Executives of ABBYY’s Certified Partner Program. Learn more

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